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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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4 in upper marlboro because of high standing water. that issue remains there. authorities are on the scene trying to deal with the situation. look at all of the water they have to deal with. in upper marlboro, use 301 or old crane highway to get around this road closure. let's take you around town. first of all, want to let you know there has been a water main break on massachusetts avenue between second street and columbus circle. it is shut down because of the water main break. this is just behind the capital. so, be aware of that on mass avenue if that's what you take in the morning. southbound side of i-270 here at route 121, you're fine. if you're heading south, watch out for the accident, that one just reported in the left lane. we'll take you over to 395 on the northbound side. remember how bad it was yesterday early in the morning? on 95 and 395? not this morning. things look fine as you head into downtown using the two interstates. coming up in my next report, another look around the area at
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6:12. andrea and mike? >> thanks, monika. we want to focus more on the flooded roads monika told you about in prince george's county. >> joining us on the phone is laura rickowski with maryland state highway authority. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> crews have been out throughout the night patrolling and salting but of course, you needed to go far west to find the white stuff. but still, rain has kept crews busy throughout the early morning hours. we're look at several locations of high water that do have roads closed. two incidents that you've been mentioning for us, in prince george's county, one along u.s. 1, southbound at amandale road. we just did open one of those southbound lanes. so, we do have one of those open now. we're also looking at closures along maryland 717 in prince george's county and a couple in charles county as well. one on maryland 227 and one at maryland point road. both of those incidents have
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all lanes closed. >> laura, you're dealing with two different problems in maryland. you've got the flooding in upper marlboro, prince george's county area and you've got five to ten inches of snow in garrett county. how is the snow removal going this morning, laura? >> absolutely, mother nature likes to keep us guessing. whether rain or snow, fha crews have been out responding. yes, seven inches out in garrett county. three inches in allegheny. two inches in washington county. areas west certainly we've been out salting and plowing throughout the night. roads there are shaping up well. of course, out there, they've been dealing with snow since october. so, they're a little more used to it than we are here. >> all right, lor laura rackowski, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> today, occupy protestors here in d.c. are now taking on one of the district's causes. >> this follows a day where they tied up the city in a protest against big money and politics.
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>> surae chinn is live at mcpherson square with a look at what's happening today. good morning. >> good morning. it is quiet in the tent city at mcpherson square. a lot of the protestors are asleep. had a cold, cold night after a full day yesterday. and potentially, a big day today because three of these protestors will be launching their hunger strike. they are refusing to eat anything until d.c. gets its full voting rights. well, i talked about yesterday, it was rowdy. it was loud. there were dozens of arrests. occupy d.c. protestors joined our d.c. they marched through the district but it was on k street, a very symbolic area for big lobbying groups. it is here where most of the arrests happened. more than 60 of them arrested after they formed a human chain. it tied up traffic after rolling barricades and demonstrations. >> most of the things that are being pushed through are in favor of corporations, not in favor of the people.
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>> there are no good jobs for d.c. residents, especially ward eight. >> now, the occupy d.c. protestors are not sponsored by the group d.c. votes but the message is the same. they're calling for congress and the president to grant them full voting rights, representation and full control of it budget. this hunger strike begins at noon today. back to you, mike. >> that's an issue that's been debated for a long time. thanks a lot, surae chinn live in mcpherson square this morning. >> police and protestors in san francisco are bracing for yet another day of showdowns there. the slash last night, out after police cleared justin herman plaza. police gave protestors a few minutes to clear out. which is not a lot considering how many people are there. more than 70 people were arrested accused of illegal lodging and camping in a park. a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday morning. montgomery county police make an arrest in the stabbing at northwood high school. early this morning, police told
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9news, 17-year-old briana was taken into custody. she'll face attempted murder charges. police think she's one of the teenage girls behind a stack at northwood that happened during a basketball game against kennedy high school. the victim, a northwood student, will recover from her injuries. and main this christmas, you need to tell santa you want to get hired or tell one of his elves named jessica doyle. [ laughter ] >> where is your hat? >> she doesn't funny ears. >> it is not a bad time to be hunting. >> conventional wisdom dictates over the holidays, main you take a break from the job hunt but some experts say this is exactly the right time to brush off that resume. with so maybe people out of the office, job seekers may think they hit a dead end but the job market has been heating up. heating up into the holidays,
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keeping this local recruiter busy. >> usually we're slowing down with the holidays. in the last couple of weeks, we've been retained to fill 30 jobs. there's more on the horizon. >> some career experts say the holiday season quo actually offer unique opportunity. >> one of the things that's great about the holidays is that you're going to be around a lot of people that you may not have seen all year around. you need to make sure you tap into them as their network and let them know you're looking for jobs. >> offer to be a fill-in while others vacation and make the most of it. >> find a local professional organization's holiday mixer and do some networking. pick up the phone instead of sending an e-mail. during a slow holiday week, you may make a connection. send a holiday card or e-mail to get back on their radar. >> you don't need to lead with the fact that you're looking for a job. it is ok to put it in there. that may trigger somebody who knows of an opportunity that might be a good fit for you. >> if you're working a holiday retail job, ask what happens in 2012 and if the temporary position might become
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permanent. >> we're look turning the corner. our industry is a good barometer. if companies are hiring, it is one thing. if they're hiring companies like that to hire for them, it is even better. >> keep your speeforts up because the job climate could be changing. >> so far this year, the region's job growth has outpaced new york even thoughition employment base is twice as big. they do have a note of caution. government budget cuts expected, federal hiring is expected to slow down. we've seen an interesting dynamic going on. couple of years ago, we started seeing private sector hiring. following in the washington area. while federal hiring was picking up. we're starting to see the reversing. private sector hiring has been picking up so far this year. >> good. >> some good news. >> especially if the federal workers cut back. they may have an outlet as well. >> thank you, jess. >> our time is 6:08. in four minutes, a story that sparked outrage and hundreds of comments on our web site.
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a mix of history, politics and school lunches. >> the rain is gone but the cold is definitely here this morning. howard has your thursday forecast when 9news now returns. keep it here.
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welcome back. 6:11 on this thursday morning. chilly out there. a lot colder than yesterday morning. a lot drier. a little bit of a breeze. gusts over 20 in spots. temperatures climb to the mid- 40s under sunshine and diminishing winds this afternoon. i'll be back in about three minutes with a look toward a chilly weekend forecast. right now, let's go to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a look at an accident. this one is on the outer loop of the beltway north of the bw parkway at kenilworth avenue. tractor trailer and a car involved. at one point, only the shoulder was getting by. right now, everything has been moved out of the road but delays are building quickly. i'll have more on this accident in greenbelt coming up in my next report. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is waking up in jail this morning because he cannot post bond on some new abuse charges. that's one of the stories making news now at 6:12. he was arrested yesterday after
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two new accusers came forward. prosecutors filed 12 new charges. he didn't have the money to post the $250,000 bail. there will be no criminal charges against bernie fine. he's the former assistant basketball coach at syracuse university accused of sexually abusing children there. a county district attorney says the alleged crimes are too told but the d.a. says he finds the accusers credible. pennsylvania will not seek the death penalty for jamal convicted of killing a police officer 30 years ago tomorrow. his death penalty case got international attention. instead of execution, jamal will spend the rest of his life in prison. now to a story that lit up web be web be with web yesterday. the date happened to coincide with harl harbor day and some
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people thought that was in bad taste especially since president obama's daughters go there. let's check out the menu. asian mushroom soup. oriental noodle salad. teriyaki marinated chicken strips, garlic roasted edamame, vegetable fried rice and fortune cookies. >> because this involved the first daughters, school and the cultural issue, there was a lot of comments on our facebook fan page. some from both sides of the aisle weren't very nice. >> here's a sample. facebook friends had to say this. scott believes some groups would be matching in the streets and howling to the tv cameras if a lesser insensitivity was shown to them. they will and should ignore the limousine liberals who run and send their children to sidwell friends. >> maurice says i'm not only a veteran but i was stationed in japan for three years. trying to link a school menu with the attack on pearl harbor says this world war ii veteran
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is ridiculous. i've worked with japanese men and women who worked for us after the war and they were not sour about something that happened at the time 50 odd years before. >> listen to this one from betsy. she wonders why we even covered the story in the first place. i nominate this story about sidwell friends serving asian food on pearl harbor day as the lamest most idiotic story of 2011. >> we had a tongue in cheek comment from a guy who said we don't eat humous on the september 11th anniversary and main we avoid european food on the 4th of july. >> come on, people. >> i love the fact he said i served in japan. this is ridiculous. >> i'm sure sidwell friends was maliciously planning their menu. >> it is a quaker school. they stand for peace. >> talk about a stretch. >> come on! >> i'm sure they had no comprehension that it fell on december 7th. >> there are a lot of younger
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people who have to be reminded of what that holiday is because it was 70 years ago. it is sort of unfortunately has slipped -- >> over time. >> over time. out of our historical memory. >> they were talking one page, half of it is a picture. half is a couple of paragraphs in the history books. yesterday was quite a day. the wettest day in december. recordkeeping here in washington. going back to the 1870s with 3.1 inches of rainfall. this morning, it is dry but breezy. chilly with temperatures running in the 30s. sun is up in about an hour. you'll definitely need the jacket, the gloves, the earmuffs. it is a cold one this morning. we won't recover much today. we'll get into the middle 40s with a pretty good breeze this morning. diminishing somewhat this afternoon. 44 degrees at 3:00. high today expected around the 45 degree mark. our temps running into the mid 30s in washington. upper 30s down south and east to the low 30s in the shenandoah valley. with wind chills, they're down
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in the 20s in most spots right now. although winds a little bit lighter culpepper and fredericksburg. very close to the air temperature down there. 36 with clear skies at reagan national. barometer rising sharply rising. if you're sensitive to big pressure changes, you're feeling it this morning. a west-northwest wind at 12. still gusting to 20. the dew points continue to drop as drier air moves in. behind the storm system dumping snow up in new england, northern maine this morning. 5, 10 inches in northern and western maine before the storm pulls out of here. for us, we're clearing behind the storm. we've got the winds which have been gusting during the overnight. 30 miles per hour. had a few spots yesterday evening with the winds gusted over 50 miles per hour. we'll see this, leave us today. with high pressure building in this afternoon, this evening, we're in for a clear, cold night tonight with temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. the next three days, 45 today. tonight, 25 to 35 with a 35 in town, by the bay, 50 degrees
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tomorrow afternoon ahead of the next cold front which drops to 40 on saturday. it is going to be a cold, blustery saturday. sunday, a little bit better in the upper 40s. pretty decent weather monday, tuesday and wednesday with sunshine and highs around 50. monika samtani, with updates on timesaver traffic. things getting busy out there. >> we'll take a live look from sky 9 on the outer loop of the beltway. just past the bw parkway closer to kenilworth avenue. a tractor trailer and a car involved in an accident. i had a look at a close-up shot of the accident and they're very lucky there weren't any major injuries involved. it was in the roadway long enough to cause this back-up beginning at route 450 heading northbound on the beltway into greenbelt where all of the lanes are open. give yourself the extra time. will you need to deal with the beltway on the east side of town. let's take a look quickly at a map. the red there you see. is the delay northbound on the beltway trying to get to that
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earlier accident. let's take you to the other side of town. flooding closes water street at route 4 in upper marlboro. that will be there for awhile. and in northeast, you'll find the closure right here on massachusetts avenue between second street and columbus circle and that's because of a water main break. a live look now on the northbound side of i-95 in springfield. no problems to report. a different story here than yesterday. everything is fine as you head through the beltway. a quick be look if you're planning to head elsewhere. no problems on 270 from frederick right now. coming up at 6:18, another look around the area. mike and andrea? >> coming up on 6:20, time to show off morning lights. it is neighbor versus neighbor in rockville, maryland. >> we begin with the home of katina and dave on allison drive. you can see the roof is lit up. there are some lights to make a tree and more lights in the bushes and the browns say they have more to go. >> now, to the challenger. this is the home of karen and
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ken minton. that looks pretty good. they call theirs a work in progress. apparently they're not done. pepco is the real winner, collecting money on the electric bill. >> send us a photo or video, the e-mail address is lights at you can post photos and videos to our facebook page. include your name and where you live. >> coming up next in sports, the caps finally get an offensive explosion and the terps narrowly avoid an upset. >> time for another check on the question of the morning. 66% of women never do this. is it a, mow the lawn. b, clean their purse or c, shovel snow? >> facebook friend tammy says this is a woman's perspective. it must be b because i mow the lawn and shovel snow. the only time i clean my purse is when i change it to another one. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll reveal the answer at 6:53. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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cloa. bundle up. it is a lot chillier than yesterday men we had temperatures at this time at about 60. low 40s at noon with a high today about 45. one thing you'll notice, winds should be a lot lighter this afternoon. mike and andrea? >> hopefully the capitals we saw last night in ottawa will stick around. they rallied for a third period. offensive explosion. >> led by who else? the great number 8. nicholas backstrom tied it up with a power play goal. his tenth of the season made it 2-2. then just a few minutes later, it is ovechkin time. he makes the shot and takes a real one getting it past the goalie. his ninth goal of the season. capitals beat the senators 5-3. they'll host the maple leafs tomorrow. >> last night in college park, it was nearly a free state upset. maryland hosting in-state rival mt. st. mary's and the terps
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blew a 14-point second half lead and the mount came within 1. 23 points kept the terps ahead. maryland wins 77-74. there was an upset in foggy bottom. dillon had 26 points. they top the patriots 65-55. >> also last night, virginia tech beat rhode island. >> it is 6:25. still ahead this morning, expect loud noises at the pentagon this weekend. we'll tell you what those sounds will be and why you shouldn't worry. >> drivers on the dulles toll road might want to worry. next, just how high the tolls could go in the next ten years. >> right now, monika has a quick check on your traffic. >> we're going to take a look at 270 on the southbound side. delays out of frederick all the way to 109. an accident there on the shoulder. i'll talk about the delays coming up in my next report.
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you're watching 9news now.
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we back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at inbound 14th street bridge with the washington monument in the
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background. clear skies but it is cold out there. just 36 degrees. we do have a wind. thank you for starting your thursday with us. before we get to howard, we do want to pass along some school delays. >> all of these schools will be open two hours late. in maryland, charles and garrett county. in virginia, shenandoah county opening two hours late. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace, bundled up i presume? >> heavier gloves on, the earmuffs. winds got a little bit lighter. breezy for the next few hours before it is slackening off somewhat this afternoon. a calm night tonight. let's talk about today though. it will be a lot chillier than yesterday where we had a high of 60 in the morning. we're running about 25 degrees colder no you than at this time yesterday. by this afternoon, a high of 45 in town with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 43 degrees. we had some snow. just heard from bill up in smithburg near the maryland/pennsylvania border.
6:30 am
he had two inches. high snow totals in the mountains out west. wet flakes in town. the storm race the away so quickly, you didn't have enough time to snow around here as it did in the mountains. we're left with clear skies this morning. the temperatures running in the low to mid-30s. some wind chills down in the 20s. next time i see you, we'll be looking at the weekend. here's monika with timesaver traffic,. >> drivers in prince george's county, not one but two accidents slowing you down this morning. the first one has been cleared from the roadway on the outer loop just north of the bw parkway. everything is on the shoulder. you have got over a three mile back-up beginning at route 450 heading northbound. i'm just getting word of an accident westbound on route 50 itself at the beltway as well. i'll keep you posted on that one. down south in upper marlboro, water street remains closed at route 4 with flooding conditions. that will be there for awhile. let's take you out live on the southbound side of i-270,
6:31 am
initial delays begin at route 85 in frederick. an accident was cleared from the roadway here at 121 it is looking ok. live look in the tysons area at the dulles toll road and route 7. they're both doing fine out of leesburg. 66 no problems out of gainesville. your normal slow traffic. otherwise, as you can see here again, no problems to report. speaking of which before i go, i have a commuter alert. if you use dulles toll road drivers will not want to hear. tolls on the highway are going up january 1st. you should expect the new year's toll hike every year. the metropolitan washington airport's authority runs the road and more toll hikes are needed to pay for metro extension to dulles so this year's hike is going to be 25 cents but you know what, guys, at that rate, you'll pay $16 a trip still a few decades away. gy to tysons a lot. i use all of the little side roads but our producer dan said i don't want to deal with all
6:32 am
of the metro construction. he'll pay the extra money. >> then people will figure out that there are others like you who are using the neighborhood streets, all of a sudden, no entry between this time or that time. >> they'll restrict things. >> exactly. >> growth is painful. >> sure is. >> putting money in the piggy bank. thanks, monica. >> montgomery county fire crews will be heading back to garrett park this morning. they want to figure out what caused a fire in cambria avenue. breaking news at 11:00 last night. it was initially reported as an explosion. there was no blast, no one was hurt in this. >> a story about rage involving the air force is growing this morning. the remains of 274 americans killed in action were reportedly dumped in a virginia landfill. a figure much higher than the military previously admitted. "the washington post" reports the bodies were sent from dover air force base in delaware to the king george county landfill in virginia. the families of fallen americans were not told what
6:33 am
happened to the remains of their loved ones. the air force tells "the washington post" there are no plans to tell those families now. >> this morning, there seems to be a new tactic for some of the occupy protestors here in washington. some are going on a hunger strike. surae chinn is live at mcpherson square and surae, the protestors are taking on issue with this hunger strike. good morning. >> good morning, mike. yes, the plan is for three of these protestors to launch this hunger strike, refusing any food and drink, only water until d.c. getsity full voting rights and full control of its budget. well, yesterday, it was a different cause where our d.c. and occupy d.c. protestors joined together and marched through the streets of the district and they were calling then for the end to corporate greed and for the creation of new jobs. but yes, they went through the streets of d.c. they went to
6:34 am
capital tax partners on constitution avenue. then they went to john's lobbying firm where about a dozen people were arrested earlier in the day but it was on k street where most of the biggest things happened. 62 people were arrested in the cold and rain. >> they're exercising their rights as u.s. citizens. let them do what they do. >> until we have a system where everybody gets a seat at the table and their bellies are full and their children are educate and their homes are secure, i will keep risking myself for justice. that, by the way was a pastor from chicago. that was her sixth arrest yesterday. meantime, today, the hunger strike is expected to start at noon today. again, calling for congress and the president to grant d.c. its full voting rights and control of its budget. again, that happens at noon today. back to you, mike. >> thanks, surae chinn live at
6:35 am
mcpherson square this morning. >> if you hear loud noises at the pentagon this weekend, don't be concerned. the pentagon says this sunday it will indeed conduct a live fire test. it is slated to run from 6:00 a.m. until noon. you will see facilitators in yellow safety vests around the pentagon and these loud noises at the pentagon on sunday are just a test. our time is 6:36. jessica doyle is here with another "your money" report. >> she's watching your money and the debate over the payroll tax cut. >> if nothing is done, everybody is going to ring in the new year with higher taxes. about $1,000 on average. also five million americans will see their unemployment checks run out in 2012 because their long-term jobless benefits were not extended. leaders of both political parties, they do not want to see either of those things happen. they just can't seem to agree on how to stop them. today, top republican leaders in the house will meet privately to hammer out an agreement. at the same time, house democrats will meet with the president at the white house for similar discussions.
6:36 am
senate majority leader harry reid vowed yesterday the senate and the president won't go on christmas vacations until a bill is passed. for months, there has been rampant speculation one of washington's fastest growing start-ups will go public but living social is making a big move that suggests any ipo plans won't see the light of day for many months. the daily deal company will raise up to $400 million in a new round of funding. reports say the money faces evaluation on the four-year-old company and about $6 billion. major investors include and former aol chief steve case. macy's does not think martha stewart's latest expansion plans are a good thing. the domestic diva is selling a stake in her company, martha stewart living omnimedia to jcpenney. you'll see mini martha stores within jcpenney stores but macy's has an exclusive deal to sell her home good goods thasms exclusivity expires in the new
6:37 am
year. it is now saying it will review its relationship with martha. the problem is martha is its best selling line. >> i love those commercials with all of the stars. >> a mini martha. does that mean there will be an action figure? >> that would be cool. >> you know what's interesting is the ceo of the company used to head up retail operations for apple and all of a sudden you're seeing the expansion of the product line. >> interesting. >> thanks, jess. >> here is a true sign of the times. pope benedict xvi is turning on christmas lights display from his tablet computer. the pope was at the vatican in rome. with a touch of the screen, the lights went on and the fireworks began! >> pretty cool. 6:38. make sure your hair looks just right this morning. coming up in about nine minutes, a local contest for an outrageous do. >> all of the rain is finally gone. sunny skies today. highs only in the 40s. howard looks ahead to the weekend when 9news now returns.
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a lot of us are trying to dry out from wednesday's three inches plus of rain in the district. the rainiest day ever between november and march. it was something else! and now, we probably have what? 25-point swing temperaturewise. >> yesterday morning, we were pushing 60s. today, we're down in the 30s. >> wind chills in spots in the
6:43 am
20s. yes, a much different air mass has moved in. it is drier at least. that's a good thing. we're going to be dry. the seven-day forecast, doesn't have any rain on it. let's get you going this morning with a look at the bus stop forecast. it is generally clear, chilly and a little breezy out there. still have winds especially east of washington, southeast of washington gusting 20, 25 miles per hour. with temps this morning in the 30s and sunrise at 7:14. day planner, we're going to be sunny all day. by noon, 42. as we head toward 4:00, 44 degrees. expecting a high today around 45. then by 8:00, we're going back down again to 40. we'll be in the 20s and 30s tonight with the 30s really by the bay and in town. most of us, 25 to 30 overnight. this morning, low 30s in the shenandoah valley. mid-30s culpepper, fredericksburg here in d.c. and tappahannock down to 32. 38 now in pax river naval air station. wind chills, as if it is not cold enough, wives in the 20s. look at this in garrett county,
6:44 am
ten and a half inches of snow on the ground. wind chill this morning sitting at 8. at national, 36 now. west-northwest winds at 12. barometer is rising quickly. the dew point down to 22 as the air has really dried out. and other than a few light snow showers here in the middle of the country, the biggest thing we're watching is the snow that's flying in interior maine. this is the storm that dumped on us. 3.1 inches at reagan national. the wettest december day on record. dulles and bwi had two plus inches. those were daily records as well. we've cleared out behind the storm. we're going to stay clear for the next few days, a front late tomorrow will give us a rather chilly saturday. today about 45. breezy this morning. lighter winds this afternoon. 25 to 35 tonight with light wind. tomorrow, ahead of the front, 50. behind the front, saturday, only 40. little blustery saturday. army navy game at fedex field. bundle up. 40 degrees for the high. by sunday, upper 40s for the
6:45 am
'skins and the patriots. next week looks comfortable with a high around 50. let's go to monika samtani. we've got a lot of uncomfortable folks driving this morning. >> yesterday, it was virginia. today, it is maryland. i'm o sorry. live look from sky 9 on the westbound side of route 50. this accident is on the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. you can see police trying to move into the gore area. the damage is done. expect delays as you head inbound on route 50 frying to quit to the -- trying to exit to the beltway. let's take a look at a map. earlier accident at tunnel worth avenue. north of the bw parkway was cleared. look at the red here because delays remain for about three miles on the outer loop of the beltway trying to get into greenbelt this morning with the lanes open. we'll go over to 270 now at shady grove road. no problems to report here. still heavy out of frederick trying to get to 109 because of an early morning accident.
6:46 am
want to tell you on route 109 at thurston road because of debris, that's shut down as well. we'll take a last live look. at 4th street, the traffic lights aren't working. it is causing a delay. in my next robber at 6:-- in my next report, a look at traffic around the area. first, here's andrea. >> this sunday, barber, stylists, makeup artists and others who help keep everyone glammed up will be honored at glen jackson's 20th annual golden scissors award. this year's theme is hair rage which means there will be some pretty spectacular hairstyles and this morning, the man behind the show is here with us. you say even to you, it is impossible to believe it. 20 years old. >> it is amazing. >> glen, are you surprised the hairstyles do seem to top each year? >> each year it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and some 20 years later, five countries across the world, golden scissors continues to be a platform for stylists to
6:47 am
showcase their creative style. >> let's see the styles showcased this year and you won't believe this. take a look. these are our models. the one in the hat, i said she doesn't belong here. she looks too tame. look at number one. >> of course, this is mkb design out of atlanta. marco is an amazing hairstylist. super, super fabulous. next of course is bryce. she's wearing this outrageous glamorous gown. of course, this is mkb design again. the dream girl. of course, for every woman when the devil wears prada, the hair has to be the point. they're going to be so amazing. stylists, we're giving away couture shoes. >> you're giving away a full salon. >> they get all of the stations, shampoos, dryers, reception desks all by mid- atlantic beauty. there will be a barber battle.
6:48 am
one lucky barber will get a promotion opportunity. it is really about celebrating those people who make us beautiful each and every day. when we started this contest, almost 20 years ago at the home of bowling air force base, it was a small idea. since it conception, thousands of people all over the world have celebrated stylists. it is important to everyday consumers to realize this is not necessarily what you would wear to work. well, some people. but it allows the stylists and the barber to be creative and show their creative side and to have a day that is literally focused on them. >> there are three shows happening this sunday. >> first one is at 2:00 for vocational schools in the market. second show is our -- what we call our baby. we'll give our our corporate awards. presented on the main stage. lifetime achievement award presented at the third show. they can go to
6:49 am the biggest rage in hair. >> just imagine, next year, you've come of age at 21. it will be something spectacular. >> we want to thank you for seeing the value in the many tallent and creative people in the mark. >> thank you to you and the creative people in the mark. >> a check on the news before you go is up next.
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welcome back. 6:53. we're looking at a clear morning. cold though. temperatures down in the 30s. wind chills in the 20s. by noon, 42. mid-40s for the highs today. less wind this afternoon. mike? >> thank you, howard. today, thursday, december 8th. here is a check on the news before you go. d.c. will be ache to handle the next -- will be able to handle
6:53 am
the next carmageddon. a senate panel says we've learned our lesson following last winter's mess. that includes evacuating the city in case of a tragedy. >> a woman is in hospital after a being hit by a ride on bus. it happened on rockville park at hal pine road right by the twin brook metro station. the incident is under investigation. >> mike shanahan accepts the apologies from davis and williams, suspended for the rest of the season for violating the league's recreational drug policy. they'll be eligible to return next season. now, it is time to answer our question of the morning. the question was the result of a new tur i have a suggests 66% of women never do this. is it a, mow the lawn. b, clean their purse or c, shovel snow. >> the answer is b, clean their purse. in a million years, i would have picked snow shoveling instantly. >> i even did the snowblower once. >> once,. >> well, i did it.
6:54 am
>> one more check on traffic and weather. stay here with us. 3q
6:55 am
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one more thing before we go. we want to say thank you to three people who made this possible. matthew, marco, antonio are the stileses and makeup artists who helped dress up these ladies for the golden scissors awards and the most outrageous dos are part of the competition. this woman is a grandmother. do you believe this? we're so happy to have her here. >> we won't say how many decades old she is. she looks fabulous.
6:58 am
it is just great. again, this is happening sunday at veterans plaza downtown silver spring. where the ice rink used to be. that's where this is. come on out and enjoy and you know, main a nicki minaj look. could be for you. >> sunny today. tomorrow, saturday as well. chilly, 45 today. 50 tomorrow. by saturday, only 40. >> if you're heading out the door, don't. look at what's behind us. on the westbound side of route 50 at the beltway, we'll take a look at that. the accident o out of the road but causing delays. >> as for wall street, we're looking lower watching the european debt crisis and the meeting going on in brussels today. >> early show is coming up next. they'll have motor on the arrest involving jerry sandusky. >> a look at the most secure storage facilities in the nation called iron mountain. >> monika and i will be back with a live update in 25 minutes. >> get updates on news, weather and traffic at web be web
6:59 am o good morning. a penn state sexual abuse suspect jerry sandusky arrested without warning after two more men accuse him of molesting him as children. we will hear the new charges and reaction. congress questions former governor and senator jon corzine over his failed wall street firm and 1.2 billion in investigators money is missing and we will go to to the hearing and see if corzine is answering questions. plan b is safe to sell over the counter so why are they refusing to let them buy it without a prescription?


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